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We are proud to announce WMbid, our online sourcing tool. WMbid will allow us to gain knowledge of the services you offer so we can match you with our customers' needs. Rightsizing and diversion strategies are becoming increasingly important, and we need you to help our clients achieve their goals. In order to provide the most efficient, sustainable and cost-efficient strategies to our customers, we need your services.

» General FAQs

What is WMbid?

WMbid is the latest new service offered by Waste Management to enhance our current sourcing ability and to assist with the roll-out of our new Zero Waste program. By allowing our vendor partners the ability to register and update their company service profiles online, we will be able to better match up the actual services our vendor partners offer with the current and future needs of our clients.

How will WMbid affect me?

All new service opportunities are offered exclusively online. Waste Management has transitioned from fax to email based procurement processes. WMbid will allow vendors greater visibility into the procurement process, as well as allowing them to bid on new market and service offerings.

When will the new process with WMbid start?

WMbid will be coming in the Fall of 2010. OAKLEAF will send user names and passwords.

How do I sign up?/ How do I get a user name and password?

If you are an existing vendor and we have your e-mail address on file, you are already signed up! Watch your email for login and password. If you are a new vendor, please click here to register.

What if my information is not correct?

You will be able to update your contact information during the registration process.

Will training on the OAKLEAFbid.com be available?

Yes, Waste Management will offer step – by –step training as part of the process. You will receive instructions with your user name and password.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact your Vendor Relations Manager or email your questions to OAKLEAFbid@OAKLEAFwaste.com.

Will I need a different login then I use for eBusiness?

Yes. WMbid is a sourcing tool and will be used primarily by sales managers. You will get an email with your new user name and password. If you are not the sales manager or responsible for responding to requests for bids by Waste Management, please forward the email to your company's sales manager.

Will I still get emails and faxes about new opportunities?

No. WMbid will replace all current processes including fax and emails. In the future, all opportunities to bid will be exclusively through the WMbid sourcing tool.


How will I be notified of a bid event coming up?

Once you have been invited and have completed the registration process, you will be e-mailed any new opportunities in the state and counties in which you identified interest in.

How do I know if I have won the bid?

You will always be notified by your Vendor Relationship Manager of any new awards and Waste Management will continue to send the traditional Schedule A notices.

I bid on behalf of multiple hauling operations, can I use one login and password?

If you bid and receive awards at multiple hauling operations, you will have to maintain a separate user account for each bidding division. This will allow WMbid to award to specific locations, rather than at the parent company level.

» Vendor Registration FAQs

How does WMbid know what areas I service and what equipment I have?

All of this information is gathered during the registration process. Users will have the ability to provide the states (and the counties within each state) for which they would like to receive opportunities for.


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